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Stop beating yourself up and start living your best life. Five simple tools to let go of negative perfectionism without the frustrating mindset work.

The pressures of modern life are driving more of us to perfectionism.

But this constant striving to be perfect is a socially acceptable form of self-harm. It can crush your creative spirit, trap you in a stomach-churning state of anxiety, and leave you feeling like you’re “falling short” in every aspect of your life.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what perfectionism is? Where it lives in your body? Or whether you can ever really let it go?

In this potentially life-changing guide, you’ll discover…


  • 7 perfectionist “traps” that stop you from realising your potential
  • The surprising physiological reason why perfectionism is stealing your joy
  • The secret technique used by elite military that will help you deal with stage fright and imposter syndrome
  • Plus, 5 simple tools that will break the cycle of perfectionism in just a few minutes a day, leaving you free to express yourself as a perfectly imperfect work in progress.

If you’re ready to let go of burnout, frustration and self-doubt and start living a life that’s happier, more joyful, and even a little bit more… perfect…

This perfectionism book is for you… 

Get Stop “Falling Short”
5 simple tools to banish negative perfectionism and reclaim your joy

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Praise for Stop "Falling Short"

“I’ve let my perfectionism freeze me, on and off, for years. Decades. I’ve read a lot of books about it, and learned many useful things. But Johanna’s book — this book — gave me a fresh perspective and shifted the idea of perfectionism from an abstract concept that was interesting but untouchable, to something physical, in my body, that I could change. In just a few short chapters, Johanna helped me change my daily experience from paralysis to thoughtful action and I’m so grateful.”


Vicky Quinn Fraser
Author, book coach, and founder of Moxie Books

"What a precious gem of a book!"

“Who would have thought I was a perfectionist?! This little book was an absolute eye opener. Written in such a way as you have time to absorb and relate to things and also to learn ways to change your approach to life, work and breathing that are easy to implement. I look forward to re-reading it and trying to fully absorb it’s wisdom into my daily life..”

Amazon customer

"Simple. Effective. Beautiful."

“A calming, scientifically proven, articulate nudge towards a better life.

I’ve never done a review! .. but I am moved to do this now ..

This author knows her medical science, yet she also eloquently grabbed my attention further: how kindness to ourselves is paramount. So far this book has helped me to incorporate easy to remember and simple things to do to shift my perspective and I feel so much better for it.

The light came on when I read the book and I’ve really resonated with a message that perfectionism can come at a loss to health, enjoyment of life and I believe that we should change the deception that striving too hard and long is better. It isn’t better, it’s not healthy and it’s not joyful.

I’m more relaxed, I’m more productive and the simple fixes that Johanna McWeeny offers are nothing short of brilliant.

Not just for yourself but for all the people who ever doubt themselves this is BRILLIANT.”

Amazon customer

About the author...

Johanna McWeeney is a writer, violinist, visual artist and Oxygen Advantage® breathing instructor. She lives in the beautiful Devon countryside in southwest England, where she enjoys daily struggles with perfectionism, noisy sheep and terrible Wi-Fi. 

Johanna McWeeney, health and wellness copywriter