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Johanna McWeeney – Health & Wellness Copywriter

Long-form content for health and wellness businesses

When it comes to driving sign-ups, content marketing is critical.

This is a long-form piece for the home DNA testing brand, CircleDNA. 

Creative Brief:

Aim: To inform, engage and drive the reader to the CircleDNA website to buy a testing kit. The article is based on a YouTube video by a popular Malaysian fitness influencer and designed to connect with her audience. 

Word count: 1200 – 1400. 

Brand voice: approachable, easy going and informal. 

Primary keyword: Joanna Soh.

Sales page
for a holistic coaching program

This is a long sales page, written for the launch of a new coaching membership product. The membership includes breathwork, wellness, and nutrition components as well as business skills for practical implementation.

Creative Brief:

Tone: Friendly, approachable, we’re just like you.

Intention: Learn from guys who are walking the walk. Bring spirituality to a success-focused audience. 

Main objective: To get people to sign up to the membership subscription and join the members area where they can access the coaching.

Landing page for a meditation download

This is a keyword optimised landing page, written as part of a complete website rewrite for Most of my work for this brand is as a breathwork copywriter, but in this instance my experience of meditation was valuable.

Creative Brief:

Tone: Friendly, simple, scientific

Top keywords: Free guided meditation, 20 minutes guided meditation.

Main objective: This page aims to get new meditators to download a free guided meditation in return for their email address. 

Landing page for a breathwork product

This is an SEO optimised sales/product page for a sports nasal dilator. The product helps the wearer to maintain nasal breathing during exercise.

As part of this project I also prepared the packaging copy, including the product tagline.

Creative brief:

To include a number of relevant keywords. 

To convey the benefits of nasal breathing to the sports-focused audience.

And to communicate why this product is superior to other similar dilators on the market.

Landing page for a yoga course

A sales page for a breathing instructor training course. The training is aimed at yoga teachers and experienced yogis. It covers aspects of scientific breathwork and their application in yoga practice and teaching.

This is a high-ticket offer, so the challenge was to present the information in a way that was attractive for both yoga and breathing enthusiasts. And to convey the quality and relevance of the course materials.

For this project, I was able to draw on my own long-term yoga practice and knowledge of yoga.

Ghostwriting non-fiction and e-books

The Breathing Cure was an extensive ghost writing project that kickstarted my decision to specialise as a health and wellness copywriter. It involved significant research and creative input between October 2019 and August 2020. The project culminated in a 150,000 word book with nearly 100 pages of citations.

The book has been published by Humanix Books in the US and received positive reviews from experts including James Nestor, author of the NY Times Bestseller, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.

As part of the project, I:

  • Worked with the client to prepare a publishing proposal and market analysis,
  • Wrote keyword-optimised landing page copy for the client’s website,
  • And prepared the product description copy for Amazon.
A book about breathwork that I worked on as a breathwork copywriter

Product packaging copy

MyoTape Sport is a lip tape designed to promote nasal breathing, day and night. The original product was marketed as a sleep support to help prevent mouth snoring and reduce symptoms of sleep apnea. Its tagline: Sleep. Safe. Science.

I was tasked with producing the packaging copy for a sports version of the tape, to be used during training. 

The tagline is designed to mirror the branding of the sleep product. It’s benefit-driven, and communicates the positive effects of nasal breathing for sports performance. 

Creative challenges included conveying the science behind the product to a performance-motivated audience, and including a lot of information in a limited space.

“Johanna is wonderful to work with. The Breathing Cure would not have come into being without her help.

Her ability to write about complex topics in a simple, conversational and accurate way is extraordinary. She is diligent, professional and creative.”

Patrick McKeown
Founder, Buteyko Clinic International & The Oxygen Advantage®

A big ghostwriting project as a breathwork copywriter

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