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Long-form content for health and wellness businesses

When it comes to driving sign-ups, content marketing is critical.

This is a long-form piece for the home DNA testing brand, CircleDNA. 

Creative Brief:

Aim: To inform, engage and drive the reader to the CircleDNA website to buy a testing kit. The article is based on a YouTube video by a popular Malaysian fitness influencer and designed to connect with her audience. 

Word count: 1200 – 1400. 

Brand voice: approachable, easy going and informal. 

Primary keyword: Joanna Soh.

Sales page
for a holistic coaching program

This is a long sales page, written for the launch of a new coaching membership product. The membership includes breathwork, wellness, and nutrition components as well as business skills for practical implementation.

Creative Brief:

Tone: Friendly, approachable, we’re just like you.

Intention: Learn from guys who are walking the walk. Bring spirituality to a success-focused audience. 

Main objective: To get people to sign up to the membership subscription and join the members area where they can access the coaching.

Landing page for a meditation download

This is a keyword optimised landing page, written as part of a complete website rewrite for Most of my work for this brand is as a breathwork copywriter, but in this instance my experience of meditation was valuable.

Creative Brief:

Tone: Friendly, simple, scientific

Top keywords: Free guided meditation, 20 minutes guided meditation.

Main objective: This page aims to get new meditators to download a free guided meditation in return for their email address. 

Landing page for a breathwork product

This is an SEO optimised sales/product page for a sports nasal dilator. The product helps the wearer to maintain nasal breathing during exercise.

As part of this project I also prepared the packaging copy, including the product tagline.

Creative brief:

To include a number of relevant keywords. 

To convey the benefits of nasal breathing to the sports-focused audience.

And to communicate why this product is superior to other similar dilators on the market.

Landing page for a yoga course

A sales page for a breathing instructor training course. The training is aimed at yoga teachers and experienced yogis. It covers aspects of scientific breathwork and their application in yoga practice and teaching.

This is a high-ticket offer, so the challenge was to present the information in a way that was attractive for both yoga and breathing enthusiasts. And to convey the quality and relevance of the course materials.

For this project, I was able to draw on my own long-term yoga practice and knowledge of yoga.

Marketing email workflow for a yoga therapy school

Emails are a vital form of communication between you and your customer. They keep the customer informed, build relationships and let customers know what you have to offer. I like to think of every marketing email as a sort of love letter to your subscriber.

A powerful email sequence will nurture your list and lead them to purchase your products. 

Creative process:

This email sample was the fourth in an automated workflow sequence. I designed the sequence to be highly segmented, based on the needs and awareness levels of the different lists. Having devised the strategy, I wrote a series of list-focused emails, each with targeted headlines and snippet copy.

The aim was to reduce unsubscribes, increase open and click-through rates, add value and ultimately to sell more of the product. 


Ghostwriting non-fiction and e-books — a book about breathing for chronic health conditions

The Breathing Cure was an extensive ghost writing project that kickstarted my decision to specialise as a health and wellness copywriter. It involved significant research and creative input between October 2019 and August 2020. The project culminated in a 150,000 word book with nearly 100 pages of citations.

The book has a consistently high review rating on Amazon and received positive feedback from experts including James Nestor, author of the NY Times Bestseller, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.

The US edition (Humanix) launched on in July 2021 at #1 in:

  • Respiratory Diseases
  • New Releases in Respiratory Diseases
  • Most Wished For in Respiratory Diseases
  • Best Sellers in Lung & Respiratory Diseases
  • New Releases in Lung & Respiratory Diseases
  • Most Wished For in Lung & Respiratory Diseases
  • New Releases in Homeopathy Medicine
A book about breathwork that I worked on as a breathwork copywriter

Product packaging copy for a breathwork product

MyoTape Sport is a lip tape designed to promote nasal breathing, day and night. The original product was marketed as a sleep support to help prevent mouth snoring and reduce symptoms of sleep apnea. Its tagline: Sleep. Safe. Science.

I was tasked with producing the packaging copy for a sports version of the tape, to be used during training. 

The tagline is designed to mirror the branding of the sleep product. It’s benefit-driven, and communicates the positive effects of nasal breathing for sports performance. 

Creative challenges included conveying the science behind the product to a performance-motivated audience, and including a lot of information in a limited space.

“Johanna is wonderful to work with. The Breathing Cure would not have come into being without her help.

Her ability to write about complex topics in a simple, conversational and accurate way is extraordinary. She is diligent, professional and creative.”

Patrick McKeown
Founder, Buteyko Clinic International & The Oxygen Advantage®

A big ghostwriting project as a breathwork copywriter

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