5 Reasons to Work With Me...

Johanna McWeeney, copywriter for holistic wellness brands.

1. I scored a postgraduate diploma in journalism (with merit).

Copywriting is about hard facts, communication, and a dash of intuition. No matter how esoteric I may get in my own wellness journey, my approach to research and writing is always systematic and results-driven.

Plus, I’ve trained in sales copywriting and email marketing and deliverability. Even with 15+ years of pro writing experience under my belt, I’m still obsessed with continually upgrading my skill set to offer you more value. 


2. I'm a research beast...

Nobody ever struck gold without a little digging. And when it comes to holistic wellness, positioning, and voice of customer, I know how to really get under the surface. 

I have substantial experience writing in the field of scientific breathwork and chronic illness. I’ve read hundreds of scientific papers to find relevant information that connects with the customer, adding credibility not confusion. 

“Thank you Johanna! We’re VERY pleased with your work. What a score it was finding you..” 

Aurimas Juodka

Human Optimization Specialist and CEO, YogiLab

3. I'm a certified breathing coach and reiki practitioner.

As a long-time yogi (21 years and counting) I understand the motivations of people interested in self-care and personal growth. I’m flexible, tenacious and creative. And I’m always learning. 

My Vedic meditation practice gives me a clear, balanced intuition. Coupled with my breath and reiki work, this makes me the perfect copywriter for holistic wellness brands. 

I can write for your ideal customer — because your customer is me.

“We are thrilled with the outcome and our team enjoys your writing so much. Thanks for the great work!” 

Kylie Lee

Circle DNA

4. I’m a professional classical violinist.

Pursuit of mastery, beauty, and freedom of expression have been central to my life since childhood. 

My orchestral training taught me to match tone of voice in a consistent, flowing way. And decades of performing gave me the ability to connect with people from all walks of life on a deep level. 

I can get under your customers’ skin. Identify the needs that drive them. And sing your message into the hearts of the people you can help.

5. I can’t seem to shake my clients.

I’m proud of the fact that businesses often choose to work with me long term. 

As a copywriter for holistic wellness brands, big or small, I consistently deliver quality, and my work ethic is underpinned with personal integrity.

“A massive ‘THANK YOU’ for all your help over the last 8 years. Your development of the company voice through the blog, website, emails, and resource packs has been invaluable. Your flexibility in stressful times has been really appreciated. I wish you all the best for future projects and hope your clients appreciate your brilliance.”

Maria Thomas

Founder and Artistic Director, The Music Workshop Company

So if you’re looking for the kind of copy that makes life a little sweeter and more beautiful, I’d love to help.

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