Privacy Policy

Updated: October 4, 2023.

Most privacy policies are impossible to understand. I know, because when I was writing this one, I spent a long time trying to adapt a template to use on this website. 

So, from one human being to another, here’s a run-down of how this website uses your data. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


Privacy policy summary for non-legal eagles 🦅

  • I’m Johanna McWeeney. I’m what’s known as the data controller for this site,
  • My site uses HTTPS/SSL security.
  • The site also uses cookies. These don’t collect personally identifiable data, they just help the website run smoothly, and allow me to use Google Analytics to track how popular I am.
  • When you book a call with me, I will only collect the necessary data for us to do business.
  • I won’t send you spam emails, sell or share your personal data with anyone else.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Remember the GDPR? The flurry of emails about data security that hit your inbox in May 2018? Well, since then, you can’t visit a website without dismissing a cookie banner, and I’ve been unable to access some really interesting bits of research because some US sites won’t let me view them from the UK.

Irritations aside, GDPR is a good thing. It requires that businesses obtain your explicit consent before they can sign you up to receive marketing communications.

GDPR also gives you the right to:

  • Know how your data is being used.
  • Ask for your data to be deleted.
  • Retrieve your data in a format you can read and re-use elsewhere.


What are c🍪🍪kies?

I’m a health and wellness copywriter. I shouldn’t be encouraging the use of cookies, should I?

It’s okay. These cookies are sugar free. They’re just simple text files. Your web browser uses them to record settings for websites you visit.

I also use Google Analytics. This allows me to see how many people visit different pages on my site, and to understand how they navigate my website. This also requires cookies.

I never use cookies to collect any personally identifiable information about you. I’m not that clever.

What personal information do I collect?

I only collect the personal information I need in order to communicate with you for the purposes of planning and completing your project. You’ll find my contact form on Calendly, where I ask you to submit various details including your name and email address. You can also email me directly.

I don’t sell, trade or share this information.

Data processing

I use Google Drive to store and manage data. Google is registered by Privacy Shield.

I think that’s everything

But again, if you have any questions, do ping me an email at I can’t promise to know the answer. 

Thanks for dropping by.