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for Authentic Wellbeing & Personal
Development Brands

It's an exciting time for health and wellness brands.

  • The global wellness market is forecast to reach $7 trillion US by 2025 (Global Wellness Institute).
  • Silos are breaking down, and science-based holistic medicine is finding its footing alongside traditional healthcare.
  • There’s an emphasis on inclusivity, moving wellness away from the luxury market, and engaging with a wider audience.


This cultural shift represents a massive opportunity. But it’s not all about the bottom line. As an authentic health and wellness business, you know the whole point of wellbeing is that it’s deeply personal.

Your business is authentic and customer-focused. Your goal is to help people realise their potential.

Ultimate product: Happiness.

To do this, you want content that inspires. You’re seeking a writer who understands the underlying motivation to change. Someone with grit, diligence and a drive toward excellence. Someone who gets your ‘Big Why’. Someone you can trust.


Hi. I’m Johanna. I’m a health
and wellness copywriter.

I love working with brands that focus on personal wellbeing and development.

Yes, I know SEO, but I also have a postgraduate diploma in journalism, which means I know how to spin a well-researched story.


To help health and wellness businesses transform lives
by communicating their expertise.



Website copy

product copy

Ebooks & non-fiction ghostwriting

App copy and
content design

“Johanna is wonderful to work with. The Breathing Cure would not have come into being without her help.

Her ability to write about complex topics in a simple, conversational and accurate way is extraordinary. She is diligent, professional and creative.”

Patrick McKeown
Founder, Buteyko Clinic International & The Oxygen Advantage®

A book about breathwork that I worked on as a breathwork copywriter

So, if you’re looking for the kind of content that makes life a little sweeter and more beautiful, I’d love to help.

Please click below to find out more about working with me.