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Development Brands

It's an exciting time for health and wellness brands.

  • The global wellness market is worth $4.5 trillion US (Global Wellness Institute).
  • Silos are breaking down and science-based holistic medicine is finding its footing alongside traditional healthcare.
  • There’s an emphasis on inclusivity, moving wellness away from the luxury market, and engaging with a wider audience.


This cultural shift represents a massive opportunity. 

But it’s not all about the bottom line. As an authentic health and wellness business, you know the whole point of well-being is that it’s deeply personal.

Your business is authentic and customer-focused. Your goal is to help people realise their potential.

Ultimate product: Happiness.

To do this, you want content that inspires. You’re seeking a writer who understands the underlying motivation to change. Someone with grit, diligence and a drive toward excellence. Someone who gets your ‘Big Why’. Someone you can trust.


Hi. I’m Johanna. I’m a health
and wellness copywriter.

I love working with brands that focus on personal wellbeing and development.

Yes, I know SEO, but I also have a postgraduate diploma in journalism, which means I know how to spin a well-researched story.


To help health and wellness businesses transform lives
by communicating their expertise.



Website Copy

product copy

Ebooks & non-fiction ghostwriting

“Johanna is wonderful to work with. The Breathing Cure would not have come into being without her help.

Her ability to write about complex topics in a simple, conversational and accurate way is extraordinary. She is diligent, professional and creative.”

Patrick McKeown
Founder, Buteyko Clinic International & The Oxygen Advantage®

A book about breathwork that I worked on as a breathwork copywriter

So, if you’re looking for the kind of content that makes life a little sweeter and more beautiful, I’d love to help.

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