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5 Reasons to Work With Me

Meditation copywriter Johanna McWeeney

1. I have a postgraduate diploma in journalism from the London School of Journalism

But that doesn’t mean I’m new to copywriting. With 10+ years of pro writing experience under my belt, I’ve also undergone training in SEO content and sales copywriting. Because I’m obsessed with continually upgrading my skill set to offer you more value. This means my health and wellness content is always well researched with a strong storyline.

2. I know how powerful words can be and I know how to use them “on purpose”.

What’s more, I know how to conduct research. To really get under the surface.

After all, nobody ever struck gold without a little digging. I have substantial experience writing in the field of scientific breathwork techniques. This means I had to get comfortable researching scientific papers. I’m good at it. And I excel at presenting complex information in an easy and engaging way

3. I’ve practiced yoga for 18 years and Vedic meditation for 10.

I know about health, wellness and personal development. I understand the motivations of people interested in self-care and advancement.

I’m flexible, tenacious and creative, with a broad skill set and razor-sharp focus. My meditation practice gives me a clear, balanced intuition. And I can write for your ideal customer – because your customer is me.

“I have been working with Johanna for nearly 2 years and it’s been fantastic. Efficient and thorough in her research, she is able to make even the most complicated technical explanations simple and easy to understand.

Having her as an extension to our team is incredibly valuable. She is open to trying new ideas and well-versed in writing with SEO and an overarching content strategy in mind. Do hire her, she is worth every penny!

Sarah Marks

Head of Marketing and Communications, Rezcomm

4. I’m a trained classical violinist

Pursuit of mastery, beauty and freedom of expression. These have been central to my life since childhood. I know first-hand how injury, poor health and negative mindset can cripple dreams.

I understand what drives people to achieve their full potential. I can get under your customers’ skin. Identify the benefits that drive them. And help you connect with the people who need what you sell.

5. I can’t seem to shake my clients

Time after time, my one-off clients stick around for more. I’m proud of the fact that businesses often choose to work with me long term. 

Especially since freelancers normally come and go faster than New Year’s resolutions. I consistently deliver quality, and my work ethic is underpinned with personal integrity


So if you’re looking for the kind of content that makes life a little sweeter and more beautiful, I’d love to help.

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